Mr Davidson, British Council Chief Director General on Visit


201010120736_logo.gifOn Monday, 11th October 2010, the Chief Executive of the British Council, Director General, Mr Martin Davidson from London visited our school during his participation in the Forum 2000 Conference. Former President of the Czech Republic, Mr Vaclav Havel invited Mr Davidson to take part in the conference. He was accompanied by Mr Nigel Bellingham, Director of the British Council in the Czech Republic, Ms Irena Maskova from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic, Ms Stasa Zavitkovska, from the British Council in Prague and Mr Antony Peachment, one of the teachers of the off site language courses.

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Here you may watch a report by TV13.

interview with Mr Davidson 

rozhovor s panemDavidsonem.jpg

zleva Nigel Bellingham, Doubravka Matulová, Martin Davidson, Jaroslav Vodička, Irena Mašková, Staša Závitkovská 

from left: Nigel Bellingham, Doubravka Matulova, Martin Davidson, Jaroslav Vodicka, Irena Maskova, Stasa Zavitkovska

Mr Davidson was interested in visiting a Prague school, so he came to visit our school due to our rich cooperation with the British Council in Prague.

After the welcome, we all held a discussion about the cooperation between our school and the British Council, about the Extended Language Programme of our school and all our language activities, and we also talked about education in general, comparing the situation in the Czech Republic and the UK.

Our pupils, Berenika Sedlackova and Denisa Rozenbergova, interviewed Mr Davidson shortly, and so we learned besides other things, that this was his fifth visit to Prague.

Then Mr Davidson and the guests visited an English lesson in one of the 4th grade language groups. The pupils also asked him a few questions.

This visit took place on the eve of the opening of this year’s British Council Language Courses in our school and has contributed toward even closer relations with this prestige international institution.


Thank you for your warm welcome to your school. I was so impressed with your teaching of English and delighted that we are working so carefully together. I hope that the collaboration between the British Council and your school will continue for many years.

Martin Davidson
11 October 2010